I have traveled the whole world with

my lovely couples

peter herman

My style is a mixture of EDITORIAL with a fresh DOCUMENTARY approach. I'm always sensitive to details and emotions to be able to capture the tiny in-between moments.

I've been shooting weddings over 12 years all around the world, in places like Italy, UK, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Bali, Borneo etc etc. So many love stories and human beings inspired me throughout these years and it still gives me butterflies when I'm on a wedding.

I love to tell stories and I believe there's something special in every wedding. I believe the most important is to be able tell your wedding story in an intimate, artistic and honest way. That's why I shoot what it feels like not what it looks like.

If you are a coffee addict too we will get along very well! I can talk forever about coffee, gastronomy and classical music. Oh, yes, another thing you probably didn't know. I play the piano since 4 and I graduated from The Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. After a few years being an active pianist and music teacher I gave up my old life and put myself totally into photography. I've realised expressing myself through photography just makes my life complete.